Specialty grade coffee, hand roasted right here in Salt Lake City.

Coffee Offerings

When it comes to our coffee, we focus heavily on sourcing in season, sustainably farmed, ethically imported green beans. Sounds like a lot to worry about - which is why we take care of that part and let you enjoy the coffee (not that we don't enjoy it ourselves). Our roasting process is no less precise, and the result is one damn good cup of coffee! Our offerings are constantly changing so check back frequently!


No minimum orders. Local delivery is available. Freshness (and tastiness) is guaranteed. If you'd like to serve or sell any of our products, click the image above to request more info.


All you need to know is that we've promised ourselves to never sacrifice quality in attempt to make a little extra cash. All of our coffees start as beautifully grown cherries; they are then processed properly, stored well and perfectly roasted. We guarantee that every bag which leaves our warehouse is one that we would purchase for ourselves. At the end of the day, we're just a few guys who love great tasting coffee and can't wait for you to try some for yourself.

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