Subscription FAQ

Which coffees are available for subscriptions?

Our Seasonal House Blend, Redacted Espresso, Decaf and Roaster's Choice coffee are available for subscriptions.

What frequencies can I select for a subscription?

We offer weekly, twice and month and once a month subscription frequencies.

Are there any discounts for subscribing to a coffee?

Yes! The more frequent your subscription, the larger the discount. You can click through the frequencies to see how each option affects the price.

How can I cancel / pause my subscription?

You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time by logging in to your account. You likely set up an account when you purchased the subscription, however if you didn't, you can set up an account at any time using the same email you checked out with and your subscription will show up on your account page. You can also skip an occurrence of your subscription, run an additional shipment and change your shipping address from this page.

Can I set up multiple subscriptions and have them ship in the same package?

Yes! As long as you purchase the subscriptions in the same cart, they will ship together. You can also purchase a subscription and a one time bag of coffee and they will ship together. Because they are the in same cart they also work towards our free shipping option.

How much does shipping cost on subscriptions?

Any order over $40, including subscriptions, ships free. If you would like to receive free shipping on a subscription you will either have to subscribe to multiple (or larger quantities of) any of our 12oz bags of coffee, or to any of our 5lb bags of coffee. If your total doesn't reach $40, shipping is charged based on carrier rates.

What is the Roaster's Choice subscription?

Roaster's Choice means that our roasting team will select a coffee weekly to send to all active subscribers of this plan. We try to keep an odd number of coffees in rotation, so all three frequencies of our subscription service receive a different coffee each iteration. With this subscription you will only receive single origin coffees, and while we can't guarantee you won't get some duplicates, we're always adding new coffees to the mix so it's a great way to have some variety!

Can I change which coffee I'm subscribed to?

Currently we don't have a way for you to change which coffee you're subscribed to. The easiest way to accomplish this is to cancel your active subscription and create a new subscription to the coffee you'd prefer.

I was just charged for an occurrence of my subscription, but I would like to cancel. Can I receive a refund for the last order?

We ship everything as quickly as possible, and once your coffee is in the mail, we can't issue a refund for it. If you run into this scenario, please contact us as soon as possible and we will let you know if a refund is possible.